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I'm Cassandra Barnes, and
I write contemporary romance novels,
four of which have been published.

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Exciting Update

My latest book, a contemporary romance
The Birthday Gift
is now available wherever books are sold, including
Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and Amazon
ISBN: 978-1-938703-35-5
You may also purchase it directly from the
publisher, Class Act Books
as PDF/ePub/MobiPocket/POD print.

Reviews for
The Birthday Gift

When fifty-four year old Rose's daughter Daphne turns up on Rose's doorstep pregnant and wanting money for an abortion, Rose sees this as her chance to be the mother she wanted to be to Daphne. She convinces her daughter to have the baby and to let Rose adopt the child. The road toward that end isn't easy, but Rose overcomes the obstacles life puts in her path, just as she's always done. Rose is smart and energetic, working odd jobs to make ends meet and despite Daphne's negative opinion of Rose, she's always had her daughter's best interest at heart.
The character's flaws realistic and the setting is vivid and imaginable and the story has plenty of twists and turns. The read is a good one and definitely worth your time.                                                                      Bliss Addison  ~  Author of A Waning Moon

My third book is titled A Perfect Body. 
It was released as an e-book on May 29, 2009. 
The ISBN is 1-59431-758-5 or 978-1-59431-758-3. 
A Perfect Body is a contemporary sweet romance. 
It's available wherever e-books are sold, including
Barnes & Noble and Fictionwise.
You may also purchase A Perfect Body as a Kindle download.

A Perfect Body E-book 978-1-59431-758-3

Reviews for A Perfect Body

A Perfect Body is a good read. I like how it expresses the dangers of anorexia. Cassandra Barnes explores the dangers and bad influences by which anorexia can destroy the body. She relays a good story of how teenagers will do anything to follow the modern craze of looking good and fit. I like how she digs deep into the heart and soul of Madeleine and brings out her inner self, too. She and Luke so deserve to find that one love to last a lifetime. All the players are crafted in such a life-like form that this reader felt as if she was right in the middle of a real event going on in this delightful read.

Cherokee, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More
, 4 Cups


Cassandra Barnes takes a serious issue and wraps a powerful love story around harrowing details that inform the reader of the terrible and sometimes catastrophic results of anorexia and bulimia. She's researched her subject thoroughly and shares her information in a truly inspirational manner, that build her characters into fully rounded people her readers will relate to. Into this mix she adds jealousies, betrayals, and secondary characters who all play their parts to perfection.
This is a must read book, and once you've read this one,  you'll want to search for her previous two books, and read them too. Cassandra Barnes is a name to watch out for.
She never disappoints.
Fennel, for Long and Short Reviews



Acts of Love, my second published book,
became available as an e-book on December 1, 2008. 
The ISBN is 978-1-59431-639-5
It's available wherever e-books are sold,
including Barnes & Noble and Fictionwise.
Acts of Love
is also available as a Kindle download.


I titled my first published book Jenny's Legacy
It was originally published in 2006 in hardcover. 
The ISBN is 978-1594144332
and it's available wherever books are sold,
including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

In 2008, Jenny's Legacy was re-released as an e-book. 
The ISBN is
It's available
wherever e-books are sold,
including Barnes & Noble and Fictionwise
You can also purchase Jenny's Legacy as a Kindle download.

Jenny's Legacy is now available in paperback!
The ISBN is 978-1-59431-747-7.
It is available wherever books are sold, including Amazon.


Acts of Love E-book, ISBN: 978-1-59431-639-5Jennys Legacy, ISBN: 978-1594144332 Jennys Legacy E-book, ISBN: 978-1-59431-622-72

I still have a supply of Jenny's Legacy in hardcover available for sale, all of which I've personally autographed.  If you'd like a copy, contact me at

My books are also available at
All Romance eBooks and Omni Lit 



I have begun work on my fifth novel,
tentatively titled Connections.  

Reviews for Acts of Love

Amanda Reed treasures the life she's created for herself, but two murders and past mistakes threaten to destroy her new-found love and endangers her life. Acts of Love is a suspenseful, compelling tale of love and betrayal.  Cassandra Barnes does a first-rate job of rousing the reader's emotions.  A must read. 
~~Bliss Addison, author of Wolfe, She Cried; Battle of Wills; With Malicious Intent.

Cassandra Barnes's skill in creating engaging characters and layered plotting makes Acts of Love another winner for her.  She expertly interweaves mystery and romance to reveal the hidden depths of her characters as they struggle with the ways that love can go wrong.  Acts of Love is intriguing, gripping, and gratifying.  I couldn't put it down.  --  Pinkie Paranya,  Award-winning author of early American historicals, romances, cozy mysteries, thrillers and adventure.


Reviews for Jenny's Legacy

"This reviewer found this story exciting, sensual and gripping. Ms. Barnes writes a tight plot that captures the reader from page one. Nicely setting the scene, she unfolds each layer to reveal to the reader the depth of her characters and all their many facets." 
Valerie for

"Cassandra Barnes shows a talent for emotional prose and characters who are believable." 
atti Fischer for Romance Reviews Today

"Jenny's Legacy is a heart-warming read."  (Rating:  Four Cups)

"Barnes tells a competent tale about how prejudice and misinformation can ruin lives.  She presents pleasing characters whose family and emotional situations offset her theme nicely."
Martina Bexte for BookLoons Reviews

"Ms. Barnes has a magnificent way of telling a story that will truly keep a reader entertained."  Tangela Williams for

"Jenny's Legacy is a well-plotted novel with excellent characterization and a story that will interest many readers."   Linda Benninghoff for Reader Views



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