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The Birthday Gift is my latest contemporary sweet romance.  It was published by Class Act Books in 2014.

Description:  Rose, who raises chickens and tends an organic garden, scrimps by with odd jobs and vegetables she sells to a local produce store, until she loses everything when her home is foreclosed upon.  Her immature adult daughter announces an unwanted pregnancy, and when Rose can’t meet her demands for cash help, gives her the baby to raise.  Falsely accused of embezzlement, Hoyt, the banker responsible for the foreclosure, is embroiled in a fight to save his reputation, while his bitter ex-wife continues to demand money he doesn’t have.  Circumstances bring Rose and Hoyt together in one home, forcing both to adjust in ways they never dreamed possible. When an out-of-control wildfire threatens their lives, and the child they adore, they risk acknowledging their love for one another. That isn’t enough, and each must give up what they treasure most to attain lasting love. 



My third novel, A Perfect Body. 
was released as an e-book on May 29, 2009. 
The ISBN is 1-59431-758-5 or 978-1-59431-758-3. 
A Perfect Body is a contemporary sweet romance. 
It's available
wherever e-books are sold,
including Barnes and Noble 
and Fictionwise.
You may also purchase A Perfect Body as a
Kindle download.

A Perfect Body E-book 978-1-59431-758-3


  A bundle of contradictions, Madeleine Andrews doesn't play well with others, yet is a devoted volunteer.  Luke McFarland is a successful people-pleaser, burying his own desires beneath an ever-present smile.  Theirs could be the love affair of the century, but first they have to learn to like each other.  She thinks he's insincere and a phony.  He thinks she's arrogant and difficult.  And that’s just the start of their problems.

 Excerpts from A Perfect Body:

       Luke sat quietly in his car for a few minutes, thinking.  He wanted to go home, sort out his feelings for Madeleine.  No, he already knew she was the love of his life.  That left only the question of what to do next.
He started the car, but drove instead in the direction of his office.  He’d been working on the Baxter account when Madeleine’s distress call had come in.  He had to finish that, get it off his desk, and out of his life.
The more he talked with Madeleine about things like truth and honesty, the bigger hypocrite he became.  He’d sold out, betrayed his own values, threw away his professional integrity.  Some example he’d set for his niece.  And Madeleine would never trust that his heart was true.

       “Too little, too late, Andrews.  You’ve been a disruptive force since you starting working here.  You’ve not been willing to cooperate, to consider what’s best for the Guardian, and you always expect special treatment.  But you went too far this time.  You have an hour to clear out your personal belongings.” . . .  
. . .With luck, she’d have all her personal things removed before anyone returned, and could avoid explanations.  If she didn’t have to talk to anyone, she could keep her composure.
But first she had to call Luke and tell him she wouldn’t meet him today.  Or anytime soon.  Should she warn him of the coming scandal?  Ethically she shouldn’t.  And if she did, her warning could be taken as evidence they had colluded.  She’d gone down in flames, but she didn’t need to take him down with her.  She’d protect him now from any potential repercussions by remaining silent.  And by staying completely away from him.  Like her job, he was no longer part of her life.

Acts of Love E-book, ISBN: 978-1-59431-639-5
Acts of Love is a cozy mystery/ romance, featuring Amanda Reed, an aromatherapist with two cats and a secret past.  Her love interest is homicide detective Santiago Yazzi (Yazz), a man with Apache, Chinese, Italian, and Navajo ancestors.  The story is set in fictional Dos Rios, at the southwestern tip of Arizona, a land that Yazz's forebears tamed. Amanda and Yazz are supported by a mixed cast of characters, including Naomi, a saucy retired nurse; Quincy, an organic farmer; and Lily, a feisty octogenarian. 

Excerpts from Acts of Love:


        Amanda inserted the key in the door lock and turned it, then stopped when she heard quick footsteps behind her. Lord, where was the security patrol?  She pulled the key out. Somewhere she’d read that making a fist and holding a key between your fingers made a good weapon. She managed to get the key placed, with the other keys on the chain dangling beneath her fist.
The footsteps stopped and every nerve in her body tensed for the danger behind her. As ready as she’d ever be to meet her assailant, Amanda spun around, fist raised in front of her. . . .


        Yazz recoiled, unable to stop his gut reaction. The fact that Amanda had deserted her own child shocked him deeper than he cared to admit. This was a new facet to her, one he wished had never been revealed to him. “Why did you leave?  How could you leave your child?”  All the pain of his own mother’s rejection flooded through him. Nothing could be worse than abandoning a child to fend for itself. How could the woman he thought he’d known, cared deeply for, do that?  A sliver of cold wrapped itself around the warm place Amanda had always occupied in his heart.

Acts of Love became available as an e-book on
December 1, 2008. 
The ISBN is 978-1-59431-639-5. 
It's available wherever e-books are sold, including
Barnes and Noble and Fictionwise.

Acts of Love is also available as a Kindle download.


Jennys Legacy E-book, ISBN: 978-1-59431-622-72 Jenny's Legacy is a contemporary sweet romance featuring a psychic heroine.

Her psychic abilities haven’t been of much help to Gaelynn Graham lately. If it hasn’t been one thing, it’s been another. The last thing she needs in her life is a sexy contractor, especially one whose presence places her family and her career in jeopardy. Kyle Cordell is haunted by the death of his kid sister and has what he thinks is good reason to fight his attraction to the beautiful psychic. Then his clairvoyant son runs away and only Gaelynn has the key to his whereabouts. Kyle and Gaelynn struggle to overcome a legacy of fear and hate, risking all that they hold dear, with their love for each other in the balance.

Jennys Legacy, ISBN: 978-1594144332 Excerpts from Jenny's Legacy:

    Suddenly the morning light shimmered, then turned gauzy. Rather than a crowd, the handsome stranger from the hospital stood in front of her, his face distorted by … by what? Anger? Fear? No, grief.
This was suffering like none she’d ever before witnessed. Compassion and love welled up in her heart, and she reached out to stroke his face, to comfort, to draw him close.
The image faded, leaving her standing there, hand outstretched. She shook her head and let her arm fall back to her side. Why did this man keep appearing to her? A sudden chill in the air made her shiver, and again a premonition of catastrophic change flitted at the edge of her consciousness.


     Gaelynn forced herself to breathe slowly. Again, she was aware of a darkness hovering near him. With sudden clarity, she knew that Kyle’s anger came from that, not from his heart. How could she overcome something that powerful? Should she even try? An overwhelming sense of danger filled her. "No, we’re trying to help people understand those individuals who have special abilities. Our goal is to draw families closer together."
"People like you destroyed my family." Pain filled his voice and twisted it into ugliness.
Gaelynn watched as the darkness around Kyle intensified and seemed to pulse with a life of its own. When it stretched malevolent tendrils toward her, she involuntarily stepped back. Regaining her composure, she glared at Kyle. "I’ve destroyed nothing. I’ve pledged to do no harm." The dark cloud remained in place. "Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have work to do." She fled the room. 

Jenny's Legacy was originally published in 2006 in hardcover.  The ISBN is 978-1594144332 and it's available
wherever books are sold, including Amazon.

In 2008, Jenny's Legacy was re-released as an e-book. 
The ISBN is 978-1-59431-622-7. 
It's available wherever e-books are sold, including
Barnes and Noble and Fictionwise.
You can also purchase Jenny's Legacy as a Kindle download.

Jenny's Legacy is now available in paperback!
The ISBN is 978-1-59431-747-7.
It is available wherever books are sold, including Amazon.





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