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Because of spam and so on, I have several addresses.  I always answer my e-mail, so if I don't respond to you, it's because I didn't receive your note.  I apologize for any inconvenience and ask that you please resend.

Direct Links to my books:
The Birthday Gift:  direct from publisher
The Birthday Gift: Kindle
The Birthday Gift:  Barnes & Noble
The Birthday Gift:  Smashwords

A Perfect Body:  E-book
A Perfect Body:  Kindle
Acts of Love: E-book
Acts of Love: Kindle
Bewitched, Bedazzled, and Bejeweled: Kindle
Jenny's Legacy: Hardcover
Jenny's Legacy: E-book
Jenny's Legacy: Kindle
Jenny's Legacy: Paperback

Other sites where you will find me:
Good Reads

Note:  I do not currently belong to any of the social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etal.) People with the same name as me are on all the sites, but I'm not them, and none of the posts or comments have been made by me.

The following lists are being continually updated. 
Please e-mail me with the URL if you would like your site added or if you know of another site of interest to viewers. 
Thank you!


Fellow writers:

Bliss Addison
Mary Buckham
Carter Jefferson
Victoria Dahl
Jordan Dane
Alyssa Day
Diane Diekman
Laurel Lamperd
Sylvia Dickey Smith


Other sites I've found interesting:

Appliance Parts Repair
Bead For Life (Community Development/Poverty Eradication Project)
Best Friends Animal Society

Big Bear (my home)
Check your credit reports free
Coffee Review
Credit Card Debt Education and Help
Daily OM
Discover America
Eating Vegetarian
Evaluate Toy Safety
Feeding America
Great Books Online/Reference Book Source

Guide Dogs
Guide to Less Toxic Products
Guide to Trustworthy Charities
Heifer International
Humane Society of the United States
Kim Komando, Digital Goddess
Living Life Fully
Loan, Credit Card, and CD Info
Natural Resources Defense Council
Plant, Sample, and Harvest Fallen Fruit
Political Commentary
Positive Quote of the Day
Product Sustainability Evaluations
Publicity Expert
Quit Smoking Community
Reiki Center
Rigpa  (Buddhist teachings)
Reduce Food Expenses
Smithsonian Food and Think
Support for favorite charity or school
Sustainably Grown Food
Teaching Company
Vegetarian and Vegan Celiac Disease Community
World Wide Words


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