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Sandra I. Smith, Gemlore book

Although my interest now is more in writing novels,
I continue to write non-fiction, under the name of Sandra I. Smith.

My favorite amethyst necklace

         Back in the 1980s and 1990s, I did quite a bit of craft work, especially using seed beads.  I often found myself frustrated at difficult-to-understand instructions.  I also got tired of buying pattern books just to get one particular design. 

         So I started creating my own patterns, and also discovered I had a talent for expressing directions in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.  It didn't take long  for me to start submitting my patterns to craft magazines, and that's how I earned my first paycheck for writing.  There was no stopping me after that!

         As time went on, and my eyesight started fading, I did more writing than crafting, and started writing articles about anything that caught my interest.  I've had articles published in national magazines on on the Internet, but in recent years have worked only with small regional publications.

         During my crafting years, I accumulated lots of interesting bits of information about gems and jewelry.  I've complied what I learned into a handbook titled:

A Collection of Facts and Folklore About Gems and Jewelry

    I've made it available as a Kindle download.




Chapter One                      Gold and Silver                                                5

Chapter Two                      Minerals                                                          10

Chapter Three                   Jewelry History                                                14

Chapter Four                     Weights and Measures                                  20

Chapter Five                      Mohs Scale                                                    23

Chapter Six:                       Color                                                              27

Chapter Seven                  Jewelry Names                                                33

Chapter Eight                    Birthstones                                                     36

Chapter Nine                     Amber                                                             39

Chapter Ten                      Amethyst                                                        43

Chapter Eleven                 Aquamarine                                                    45

Chapter Twelve                 Beryllium                                                        47

Chapter Thirteen              Chalcedony                                                    49

Chapter Fourteen             Diamond                                                        53

Chapter Fifteen                 Emerald                                                         56

Chapter Sixteen                Feldspar                                                        59

Chapter Seventeen          Garnet                                                           62

Chapter Eighteen              Ivory                                                              64

Chapter Nineteen              Jade                                                              67

Chapter Twenty                 Jasper                                                          70

Chapter Twenty-One         Lapis Lazuli                                                  74

Chapter Twenty-Two         Opal                                                             77

Chapter Twenty-Three      Pearl                                                            82

Chapter Twenty-Four       Peridot                                                          87

Chapter Twenty-Five        Quartz                                                           89

Chapter Twenty-Six          Ruby                                                             93

Chapter Twenty-Seven    Sapphire                                                        96

Chapter Twenty-Eight     Topaz                                                             99

Chapter Twenty-Nine      Tourmaline                                                    101

Chapter Thirty                Turquoise                                                      104

Chapter Thirty-One        Fake Gems                                                    108

Chapter Thirty-Two        Jewelry Design                                               114

Chapter Thirty-Three     Care and Cleaning of Jewelry                        120            


         Thank you for joining me in discovering what makes each gemstone unique and how they keep us Bewitched, Bedazzled, and Bejeweled.

Sandra I. Smith




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